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Your Pathway To Success A Call To Action – Think-Plan-Act


“Your Why” is Your Purpose in Life.

Each day brings an Opportunity to Improve, to Build Your Own Why to Positively Influence Others.

A single individual can make the difference.

Learn how to make a difference in your own life and you can change the world.


This website is a compilation of thought based on my learning, observation and experience. It is my vision on building Good Times for each individual and their families. You will see that I am opinionated for which I make no apology. I am not likely to change in that regard. My vision is not to produce a heavily researched scholarly tome with a narrowly defined path but to engage in a stream of consciousness on topics solely of my choosing. My sincere hope is that this site inspires you to build your own Why, to write your own Life Story in BIG, BRIGHT, BOLD – PRINT.

Take what makes sense and reject the rest. Disagree all you want. That affects me not at all. Indeed you may be correct. I hope to get you to think on many subjects, perhaps in a different, deeper and more engaged manner than ever before. This is about you – Your Why.

I wish to raise ideas for consideration not to convince you of my correctness. Topics are written as self-contained. Some may turn into stories or essays. All were selected because I felt I had something to say of value. You will be the judge. I have made no attempt to have one topic, story or essay feed logically to the next. If they all somehow tie together into a coherent whole I assure you it was accidental.

This is not intended for the lazy to peruse and quickly forget. Take notes and review. Challenge your thinking and actions. Your Why will undoubtedly be different than mine but I hope this website contributes to your success.

Many have heard the expression “If only I knew then what I know now, things would be different”. This website affords the opportunity to accelerate your thought processes, your growth and success, to build your own WHY.

Regardless of your age, circumstance, accomplishments, or, if you are just starting your career I suggest that by reading this website, coming back often as new subjects are added and most importantly thinking about the concepts and how to apply them to your own life, that you can indeed plan and act upon many things that can be extremely useful to your success, relationships and happiness.

God gave each of us free will. We possess the power within us to change, to better our circumstance, to build a strong, loving family and to positively influence others, those close to us and those we may never meet, even those who are influenced by our thoughts and actions after our demise.

The world will not wait for you to “get your act together”. The world does not care one whit about you. Circumstances, both small and monumental, will impact you throughout your life. How you Think, Plan and Act will determine your WHY- YOUR LIFE STORY.

Positive change takes awareness, an unwavering drive for improvement, the willingness to take the hard road, perhaps to go it alone, to think, to be active rather than passive, to speak up when necessary, to be a Leader. You must be brutally honest with yourself about your own life, to thoughtfully determine current circumstances, skills, desires and goals and to improve yourself, to develop and follow your own Vision, to determine YOUR WHY, your purpose in life.

If you like what you read here share it with and discuss amongst your family and friends.

There is an analogy of a butterfly flapping its wings and its possible affect on the environment.

If a single butterfly may have such an effect how much more can a human being?

A single individual can indeed change the world.

That individual can be you.  Start now!

NOTE: Posts dated to May 17, 2018 were originally posted on a WP site during 2013 and 2014.  Moving to this new platform omitted the original publish dates.